Here at the Enlightly team we like to make sure everyone is well armed with silence breaking stats before entering any situation, be it the extraordinary or the mundane. In the post below we have scoured the internet for the best stats to use when on a date. These stats can break any awkward silence, but use them carefully, as they could render you so interesting and endearing to your potential date, you may have a mate for life.

Love is a Drug

You may have heard the old adage that love is a drug but the boffins at the Journal of Sexual Medicine, may have just proved it. This is because falling in love affects intellectual areas of the brain and triggers the same sensation of euphoria experienced by people when they take cocaine, researchers from Syracuse University reveal in an article in Journal of Sexual Medicine.


love_drugCuddling produces the hormone Oxytocin, which builds trust, recent studies have suggested it can also cause pain relief, particularly with headaches.

Don’t worry if you get nervous before the date, that is completely natural. Butterflies in your stomach are actually caused by surges of adrenaline, brought on by stress and the “fight or flight” syndrome.

Dating in the Animal Kingdom


Brolga cranes are monogamous and usually bond for life, dancing is an integral part of their courtship and males will attract females through doing a dance.

Sea Otters will hold hands with their mate whilst sleeping to make sure they don’t float away.


Communication on a date

The secret of any good relationship is communication, something to be aware of during a date is that the vast mojority of your communication, doesn’t come from what you say but what you do. Turns it out it may not be what you say, but the way you say it.


Date Language
38% Tone and speed of voice
Tone and spped of voice is a big factor, 5 times more important than the actual words that are said during a date.
7% Verbal
Only 7% of communication on a date comes from what we say.
55% Body Language
The majority of communication during a date is carried out through body language.





40 Million Americans use a dating website

There is safety in numbers, and the numbers of Americans on dating sites is ever increasing, to the point where 40 million Americans use them.