Enlightly plays app roulette!

Enlightly plays app roulette!

We’ve all had a moment where we’re convinced we’ve thought of the next Instagram, Shazam, Angry Birds or Enlightly. After all, everyone’s read about the enormous possible rewards your idea could reap. If only there was a way to find out if you really were onto something….

So at Enlightly, we put some of our brainwaves to the test, with the help of our fellow Enlightonauts.

We took our favourite established app concepts and mashed them together with new content, proposing six new apps. Then we left it to our Enlightonauts to tell us which idea they found most intriguing…



While it might be some time until these apps become available, it got us thinking about those six big hitters of the app world. Here are their stories, condensed.



The online-streaming giant Netflix  was founded in California in 1998 as an old-school DVD mail-order delivery service. It was quick to catch onto the opportunities the internet offered though, and grew its online-streaming service from 2006. Netflix has never had any late fines or limits to number of possible rentals – a clever strategy not to dissuade us from bingeing on our favourite programmes.



candy crush logo

The addictive game Candy Crush first became popular on Facebook, which it was released onto in April 2012. By January 2013 it was the most played game on the social network. Recognising its rapid success, it quickly made the jump into app form, and was released on iOS and Android in 2012.





A part of the modern fairytale that is the rise of Google. Maps has built its way up from satellite images, to road maps, and now right down to panoramic Streetview. In August 2013, it was judged to be the world’s most popular app, with 54% smartphone owners having used it at least once.




The swipey dating app Tinder was launched in 2012 by a group of students from the University of Southern California. By 2014, Tinder was registering 2014 swipes every day, generating 12 ‘matches’.



spotify logo

The creation of a Swedish company in 2006 which has led the field in ‘freemium’ music streaming services. For a monthly payment, users can access the Spotify collections and playlists without the interruption of advertising. By 2011, Spotify had spread to the USA and launched an app.



This website was founded as a place for professional reviewers to post their ‘official’ view of holiday sites and restaurants. However, Trip Advisor quickly became the place for the everyman to add his review. It has grown to be the largest travel website on the internet, as well as the most trusted.